The Accidental Photographer

With the popularity of digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras on the rise, manufacturers regularly try to out do one another by cramming more and more features into the camera.  The result?  A complex multi-page cryptic camera menu and a whole bunch of people scratching their heads wondering how to use their new camera.  Many just give up and settle on the full auto mode (you know, that green icon on the mode knob) and click away….and every once in a while, an incredible photograph appears on the back of the camera.  This is what I call the accidental photographer.

In this workshop series, we will journey together to unravel the mysteries of the modern camera.  Through a series of fun filled single session workshops, you will learn everything from the technical aspects of the DSLR, to composition, lighting, and much more.  Beauty is all around us and we should not have to discover it by accident…after all, a great piece of art is no accident!